Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chick # 1 Gets His Wings Clipped!

My "Little Airplane" had to be grounded.  Baby #1 is the funniest bird.  As soon as he sees me he runs to the door wanting to come out!  You are all saying...oh, how cute!  Yea, right, little "Mr Blue" has figured out that he needs me to let him out so he can fly!  He loves flying!  I felt so bad to clip his tiny wings, but it is for his safety and my sanity.  I think I saw him chuckle when he flew to the highest shelf in the bird room and peeked over knowing I couldn't get him, lol.

Here are the photos of his first "wing trim". 

The wing is comprised of a few basic parts that give the birds their incredible aerodynamics.

I gently hold his wing out so I can see the feathers.

The first 10 long outer feathers are called the Primary Flight Feathers (remiges)
The second set of about 9 or 10 feathers next to them
are called the Secondary Flight Feathers (remiges)

I carefully cut about  5 - 7 of the long primaries. 
I use the Primary Coverts (that's the dark blue area above the Primary Flights as a guideline).

Repeat on the other side.  I like to keep them a bit farther away from the Primary Covert line when they are babies.  It is important to trim them evenly on both sides so the bird can maintain it's balance.  The bird can still fly a little , but it can no longer fly up or far away.  Some people may think this is cruel, but it is really for the safety of the bird. 
It is in no way painful for the bird.  It is like having your hair cut.

This little boy is such a Sweet Doll!  He doesn't even nip...yet!
he is very gentle and curious!

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