Monday, May 16, 2011

4 1/2 Weeks & Counting! So Sweet!

The babies are getting so "big"!  They are just the cutest.  I love them at this age.  They are really looking like birds now. They are goofy & clumsy, but they are starting to really notice their surroundings.  They play with each other, preen each other & are starting to pick at millet sprays, more out of curiosity than anything!

So here they are:
Click on photos for a larger view.

This is chick #1.  He is the lightest colored.

This is chick #2
His coloring is a bit darker.  Both are gorgeous!

This is chick #4 - It's a turquoise boy!
I think he might stay with me!

Here is group shot.  They wanted to go to sleep as I had just fed them.

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