Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday - Still Going Strong!

     All of the babies are still doing very well.  It appears that baby #1 & #2 will be blue pied males (split yellow).  #1 has more white markings and #2 doesn't have any white markings that I can see, but he is a Pied.  #3 is definitely a female and she looks to be a normal blue (split yellow), but she might be a turquoise.  Will know for sure in another day or so.  Baby #6 is still hanging in there.  He seems very small to me, but he is a fighter so we will see what happens.  All of the other chicks have 1 - 2 weeks of age over him so maybe that is why he seems so tiny.  Still waiting to see what #4 & #5 will be.  #5 will be pied as well.  It was a nice Mother's Day, but tiring as I had to run home to feed that babies!

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