Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Babies Are All Grown Up & Ready To Leave Me!

My sweet little babies are all eating on their own now.  I think they are by far the sweetest clutch if babies I have raised in a long time.  They love to hang out with me, and all love each other as well.  They each have their own unique personalities too.

Baby #3 - My Turquoise Male always wants to be in the middle.  He will stop at nothing to get there!



Chick #1

Beautiful Boy!  The Ring Leader!

Chick #2 - Another Gorgeous Boy!  Always So Curious!

Chick #3 - My Boy!  We have bonded.  See how he looks at me?

Little Clowns  # 1 & # 3

They Love to cuddle with me.  I have done this with them since they were tiny pink rubber babies!

They also love to fly to me and hang out on "Mom"
I will miss the one's that are leaving me, but know they will have wonderful loving homes with people who will spoil them like they want!


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