Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicks Are 5 1/2 Weeks & So Grown Up!

Sweet Babies!

My little babies have grown up so quickly!  Chick #1 is pretty much eating on his own now.  He loves to come out and fly around.  I have to clip his wings, but I just don't have the heart to "ground" him.  He is the leader and he knows it!

Chick #1 has the most white.  It is hard to see in the photos, but the lower half is mostly white.
He also has the lighter white colroing in his wings.

Chick #2 is eating a little on his own, but he is my "cry baby".  He cries so loudly for formula, but then when I go to give it to him, he shakes his little head ans spits it out (messy!).  He has also taken his first flight yesterday. 

It is so cute to watch them fly for the first time.  The look on their little faces is so cute!  They are so proud of themselves!

Chick #3 - My little Turquoise is such a beauty!  His coloring is intense.  He is gorgeous!

A group shot of the Fids.

A breeder friend of mine seems to think they may have pastel in them.
All the chicks have a lacy pattern on them. The also still have this greenish cast to their wings, and they are iridescent. The babies have very silky feathers and are a very pale blue.  They are also believed to be marbled pieds instead of the normal pieds.  They have a mixture of white & blue feathers "marbled/mottled" throughout their bodies instead of solid bands of color.

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  1. They are soooo pretty. What a beautiful shade of blue.