Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Somebody is a big boy!

I had thought that chick #1 was a girl last week, but just in a few days I can see that chick #1 is in fact a male!  It's a boy! He is going to either be blue or turquoise.  I just need another day or 2 to tell for sure.  He looks blue right now.  And, He is a pied!  He looks like he is actually going to have some nice markings. Time will tell!  See the blue on his wings?  Click on image for a larger view!

Here you can see this back.  See the dark blue feathers coming in on his rump?  I also see some white pied markings coming in on his back as well as on the back of his head!

Here is a closeup of his tiny head, magnified by the camera lens.  I see blue for sure, maybe green on the front of his head which would be nice!  Again, be sure to click on the images for a closer look.

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