Friday, December 9, 2011

New Handfed Baby Parrotlets Available!

2 new adorable handfed baby parrotlets available.  They are sisters.  They are about 8 weeks old and very sweet girls.

Baby #1:  Born October 5, 2011
Blue Female Marbled Pied (split yellow).
 This little cutie has the most remarkable coloring, especially on her wings.  I have never had a baby hatch that looks like this, she is gorgeous!  She has a sweet disposition.

Here is the back view of her with her sister.  She also has some nice white marbling on her chest as well.

Baby #2: Born October 7, 2011
Blue Female (split yellow).
This darling is a little sweetheart.  She is a good listener too.  She sort of whistles when I talk to her which is unusual for a female.

They really love each other a lot and are good friends.  So sweet!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Handfed Parrotlet Babies Now Available!

All of the babies are finally weaned and ready to go to their new homes.  Take a look at these little cuties.

Dilute Blue (Aka American White) Turquoise Babies.  1 Male , 1 Female (she is a Lucida sub species)

So sweet, look at those little faces!

Male normal TurquoiseBlue split Yellow & Male TurquoiseBlue Pied split to Yellow
Notice the lighter coloring on the male pieds body!
 Put the Turquoise Pied Male with the Dilute Blue Turquoise hen and because he is split Yellow you will get Dilute Blue Turquoise, & Dilute Blue Turquoise Pieds!

Part of "The Crew"

Blue Pied Male split Yellow!  he would be a great match for either of the 2 females available.  Put him with the Dilute Blue Turquoise hen and because he is split yellow you will get Dilute Blue Turquoise, Dilute Blue Turquoise Pieds, Blue,  & Blue Pieds.  Put him with the Green split Blue female and you will get Blue, Blue Pied, Green & Green Pied!  Can't go wrong and neither of the females is related to any of the males (except her dilute brother).

So sweet!  A cute lil gal with a good nature!  She is Green split Blue!

Some nice breeder birds.  They really want to go to nest, but I had to take their nestbox down as I needed the room to breed my turquoise birds.  They are young 1 1/2 - 2 years old.  He is split blue (possible split to Yellow) and he is a gorgeous Lucida male.  If you live local I will include their breeding cage!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Misty Has Babies!

Great news!  My pet parrotlet Misty has 2 chicks of her own.  She is so proud of herself. 
Misty is an American White Turquoise (aka Dilute Blue Turquoise) Parrotlet.  She is actually a very pale blue (almost white) with a yellow wash over her and a lime/yellow face.  There are 2 chicks in the photo, one you see only his head, the other his body!  She lets me pet her in the nest box and examine her chicks when necessary.

Poor dear kept laying eggs for me that were of course clear.  I didn't want to breed her as she is my dear sweet pet, but I panic every time she lays eggs because she could get egg bound.  She didn't like any of my pet males I tried to pair her up with, but then one day she settled on 1 sweet boy and went right to work.  I didn't expect her eggs to be fertile the first time, but to my amazement all 5 of her eggs were fertile.  Since she is a new momma she seemed to lose track of time and  right when the eggs were ready to hatch she would break open the eggs and pull the babies out prematurely, thus killing the babies.  It was an awful experience for both of us, but I knew she had to figure this out for herself.  Thankfully she caught on with the last 2 babies and is doing a super job of taking care of them.  (The egg in the photo was fertile but the chick formed poorly because the airspace in the egg was on the side instead of the end so it never fully developed or hatched.  I knew this was a bad egg from the start as I use an egg candler, but let her keep it as I didn't want her to keep laying more eggs to replace any that I remove).

I have more Pieds & Turquoise Chicks!

Awww, I have been busy hand feeding more little cuties.  So far it looks like 1 blue pied male, 1 turquoise male, 1 mystery pied, & 1 too young to tell normal.    Why do I keep getting just boys?  Where are the girls?

The older 3 are from the same clutch.  The tiny baby is from a pied pair that gave me 1 normal chick, probably blue or green split to blue.

Look What I got At The Birdshow!

I swore I wouldn't buy any birds, but I fell for these lil cuties.  They were hand fed babies.  They are mixed with English. 

I am quite fond of the darker turquoise one.  He is a clear flighted turquoise yellow face spangle.  His wings have the  loveliest scalloped markings on them.  He is very sweet and seems so tame.  The other one is a lovely diluted version, so he is a very pale blue with pale gray spangle markings.  They are the same size, but due to camera angles one looks bigger than the other.  He is a bit shyer.  I also got a female Cremino 3/4 English.  She is also hand fed but very shy , none of them bites at all.  So cute!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Tucker aka Baby #1 Went Home With His New Family!

I am happy to report that Baby #1 now called "Tucker" went home with his new family on Saturday!  His new "parronts" drove over 2 hours to come and pick him up.  His new mommy, Amy has been watching him grow from a tiny egg to the big beautiful boy he became.

All of the babies took to Amy right away.  They were climbing all over her and snuggling in her neck.  We had a nice visit and I sent Tucker home with a nice care package of seeds, dried fruit, millet sprays, cuttle bone & mineral block & a toy! 

He was having so much fun being out of the cage and playing with Amy that he didn't want to go into his carrier!  I am sure he snuggled with mommy on the drive home!  At last report Tucker had settled into his new home nicely.  I look forward to new photos and updates about Tucker.

The other 2 babies have been hanging out with me everyday!  I am keeping the Turquoise baby but I think I could let baby #2 go to a good family.  If you are interested in adopting him (adoption fee applies) just send me an email! He is a little sweetheart! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little "Buster" comes to visit the babies!

I was thrilled to have "Buster", one of my blue pied babies visit yesterday!  He has grown into such a big, sweet, gentle natured boy!  I was worried at first that Buster would be aggressive towards the babies, but he was as gentle as can be.  He has been with humans only, since he went to his new home about 4 months ago.  Buster is now 7 months old.  He was so cute with the babies.  The first thing he tried to do was feed the babies.

This was how it was in the beginning.  The babies stayed in their little "clique" and Buster was the "outsider".  Buster pulled out all the tricks to charm them.  He is very charming so it wasn't long before...

...Ah Scritches from Baby #1!  Just the right spot!  Buster was so cute.  He kept trying to get the babies to scritch his little neck.

You can see the difference in coloring on their wings.  When Buster was younger he was more blue on his back.wings, but as he molted out he has gone more grayish which I find is very normal in the blue males.  The babies seem to have a tighter scallop effect that is very iridescent and deep in coloring on their backs/wings.

Buster has infiltrated the "clique".  You  can really see the lovely
scalloping on the wings of baby #2.

Buster came over for a little wing trim.  Once he realized that I was going to "ground" him he took off and showed off his aerodynamics skills.  He gracefully landed on my mantle!

I think these would make great Christmas Cards for Buster's family this year!

He was so proud of himself!

Buster brought me some nice freeze dried fruit for the babies & I sent him home with a couple of  toys & some nice fruity seed mix!  I am so proud of the beautiful boy he has become!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Babies Are All Grown Up & Ready To Leave Me!

My sweet little babies are all eating on their own now.  I think they are by far the sweetest clutch if babies I have raised in a long time.  They love to hang out with me, and all love each other as well.  They each have their own unique personalities too.

Baby #3 - My Turquoise Male always wants to be in the middle.  He will stop at nothing to get there!



Chick #1

Beautiful Boy!  The Ring Leader!

Chick #2 - Another Gorgeous Boy!  Always So Curious!

Chick #3 - My Boy!  We have bonded.  See how he looks at me?

Little Clowns  # 1 & # 3

They Love to cuddle with me.  I have done this with them since they were tiny pink rubber babies!

They also love to fly to me and hang out on "Mom"
I will miss the one's that are leaving me, but know they will have wonderful loving homes with people who will spoil them like they want!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chick # 1 Gets His Wings Clipped!

My "Little Airplane" had to be grounded.  Baby #1 is the funniest bird.  As soon as he sees me he runs to the door wanting to come out!  You are all saying...oh, how cute!  Yea, right, little "Mr Blue" has figured out that he needs me to let him out so he can fly!  He loves flying!  I felt so bad to clip his tiny wings, but it is for his safety and my sanity.  I think I saw him chuckle when he flew to the highest shelf in the bird room and peeked over knowing I couldn't get him, lol.

Here are the photos of his first "wing trim". 

The wing is comprised of a few basic parts that give the birds their incredible aerodynamics.

I gently hold his wing out so I can see the feathers.

The first 10 long outer feathers are called the Primary Flight Feathers (remiges)
The second set of about 9 or 10 feathers next to them
are called the Secondary Flight Feathers (remiges)

I carefully cut about  5 - 7 of the long primaries. 
I use the Primary Coverts (that's the dark blue area above the Primary Flights as a guideline).

Repeat on the other side.  I like to keep them a bit farther away from the Primary Covert line when they are babies.  It is important to trim them evenly on both sides so the bird can maintain it's balance.  The bird can still fly a little , but it can no longer fly up or far away.  Some people may think this is cruel, but it is really for the safety of the bird. 
It is in no way painful for the bird.  It is like having your hair cut.

This little boy is such a Sweet Doll!  He doesn't even nip...yet!
he is very gentle and curious!