Saturday, January 29, 2011

Babies Currently Available

The following babies are from the same clutch. All of the babies from this clutch are very calm and sweet.
Father - Heavy Blue Pied male
Mother - Green Pied split blue female

Baby #1 - $120.00 SOLD - His new name is Buster and he has a great new home.
Blue Pied Male
Hatch date: 11/04/10
Super sweet - very curious, lays on his back, will probably be a good talker.
Markings are very light for a pied.  He has clear nails, white spots on the back of his head, white spots under his wings near his rump and some small white patches very low on his belly.

Baby #2 -  $150.00 SOLD
Blue Pied Male
Hatch date: 11/06/10
The most striking color patterns of all the babies in this clutch he looks a lot like his father.  Very nice even pattern marking through out.  He is a bit shyer than his older blue pied brother.

Baby #3 - $130.00 SOLD
Green Pied Male 
Hatch date: 11/07/10
He is such a cutie!  Gorgeous coloring, has  very similar marking to his older brother, and I love his yellow "bib" under his neck.   Adorable!

Baby #4 - $95.00 SOLD - Her new name is Lola, and she went to a great home wheere she has a green male parrotlet friend to live with!
Green (split blue) Female 
Hatch date: 11/08/10
This little princess is a cuddle bug and so sweet.  She is the shyest of the clutch.  A total sweetheart!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Handfed Pied Parrotlet Babies available now!

      I am happy to offer the most adorable handfed baby pied parrotlets.  They are so sweet and cute.  Ech has his own unique personality.  There are 3 males available.  1 heavier blue pied, 1 lighter blue pied and 1 green split blue pied male.  I also have their sister.  She is a lovely green split blue female.  They will allow you to hold them, kiss them and lay on their backs in your had.  They are learning to step up and allow themselves to be scritched on the head/neck.