My Breeders

Ruby & Jackson
Female - Ruby: Fallow split blue
Male - Jackson - Blue split fallow

They have been going in and out of the nest!  Oh. blue fallows would be lovely!

Spectacled Pair

Yes The male really looks like that!  Striking color around the eyes abd that lovely white eye ring!

The female is not a brilliant but her green coloring is lighter and she also has the white eye ring.

Green Pied Pair
Male - Green pied
Female - Green pied

Female is very shy.  They are in and out of the nest constantly, just waiting for eggs!
Male came from a pair that produced Dilute blues so he is most probably split to yellow & blue.  Female came from a breeder that bred all sorts of fancy colors so she is probably at least split blue.  We shall see.  The breeder originally had her with a turquoise male so he must have known she was split blue or else it would have been a bad pairing.  I am just hoping for green pieds here! ☺