Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little "Buster" comes to visit the babies!

I was thrilled to have "Buster", one of my blue pied babies visit yesterday!  He has grown into such a big, sweet, gentle natured boy!  I was worried at first that Buster would be aggressive towards the babies, but he was as gentle as can be.  He has been with humans only, since he went to his new home about 4 months ago.  Buster is now 7 months old.  He was so cute with the babies.  The first thing he tried to do was feed the babies.

This was how it was in the beginning.  The babies stayed in their little "clique" and Buster was the "outsider".  Buster pulled out all the tricks to charm them.  He is very charming so it wasn't long before...

...Ah Scritches from Baby #1!  Just the right spot!  Buster was so cute.  He kept trying to get the babies to scritch his little neck.

You can see the difference in coloring on their wings.  When Buster was younger he was more blue on his back.wings, but as he molted out he has gone more grayish which I find is very normal in the blue males.  The babies seem to have a tighter scallop effect that is very iridescent and deep in coloring on their backs/wings.

Buster has infiltrated the "clique".  You  can really see the lovely
scalloping on the wings of baby #2.

Buster came over for a little wing trim.  Once he realized that I was going to "ground" him he took off and showed off his aerodynamics skills.  He gracefully landed on my mantle!

I think these would make great Christmas Cards for Buster's family this year!

He was so proud of himself!

Buster brought me some nice freeze dried fruit for the babies & I sent him home with a couple of  toys & some nice fruity seed mix!  I am so proud of the beautiful boy he has become!

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