Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Tucker aka Baby #1 Went Home With His New Family!

I am happy to report that Baby #1 now called "Tucker" went home with his new family on Saturday!  His new "parronts" drove over 2 hours to come and pick him up.  His new mommy, Amy has been watching him grow from a tiny egg to the big beautiful boy he became.

All of the babies took to Amy right away.  They were climbing all over her and snuggling in her neck.  We had a nice visit and I sent Tucker home with a nice care package of seeds, dried fruit, millet sprays, cuttle bone & mineral block & a toy! 

He was having so much fun being out of the cage and playing with Amy that he didn't want to go into his carrier!  I am sure he snuggled with mommy on the drive home!  At last report Tucker had settled into his new home nicely.  I look forward to new photos and updates about Tucker.

The other 2 babies have been hanging out with me everyday!  I am keeping the Turquoise baby but I think I could let baby #2 go to a good family.  If you are interested in adopting him (adoption fee applies) just send me an email! He is a little sweetheart! 

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