Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chick #1 - 15 Days Old

Here is chick #1.  He (She) is now 15 days old.  I have banded him as well as chicks #2 & #3.  Chick #4 will be banded in a day or so, and Bitty baby # 5 will be banded in about 4 days or so.  Look how fast they grow!

This chick is looking like a female to me, but I will know for sure in a few more days!
You can see it is banded with the #60.  The bands I chose for this year are black with white writing.
It also carries the initials GCB and CA 11

Look how quickly the pins on the wings have come in. 
The tail is also starting to emerge and the first showings of the head and body pins are forming. 
The down feathers are also present and will pop open in a few days!

This is the same baby 6 days ago:


  1. Is is amazing how fast they grow. They look so fragile. Does the band stay on for life?

  2. Hi Michelle,
    They really are still very helpless at this age, but they can see, and they flap their tiny wings, etc. The leg bands I put on are permanent unless the new owner wants to cut it off or it has to be removed for safety reasons, etc. It must be cut off with a special metal band cutter or removed by a vet. I band all of my babies so that there is a record of their age, genetics, etc. You can't tell how old a parrot is just by looking at it so this insures bird's year of birth.