Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Joy! New Babies!

I am so afraid to post this!  Mochi & Ella are proud parents of 3 chicks with 2 more hatching! I am so excited!  I have been trying to leave them alone (Ella was hand fed as a baby, but she does not like to be bothered by me and my egg candler)

Mochi & Ella - Before the eggs!
Mochi finally got it right - He used to mate with his toys!

Mochi is a proud papa for sure!  Ella is a Turquoise Pied possibly split yellow & Mochi is a Dilute Blue (aka Amercian White).  If this is true they could produce Dilute Blue Turquoise chicks (aka White Turquoise). Both birds are nice and big.  The babies look so healthy and fat!  She won't let me take pictures yet!  I am hoping for some turquoise babies, and because Ella is a pied there is a chance of Pieds as well!  Happy day!

Miss Ella - Turquoise Pied Hen
She only has 2 tiny white spots on her wings
and a few white feathers on her body, and clear nails.
on her body

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