Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Baby - Conure ☺

So...I went to the Bird Mart on Sunday.  I was on my way out and I bumped into a friend of mine who raises canaries, parrotlets & conures.  He said, come here I want to show you something and proceeded to plop this adorable yellow sided conure on my hand. 

Oh why oh why!!!!!  He was so fat and so cute and his coloring! Bright red, yellow green & blue!  So yes I left with him.  He is so sweet.  He just melts in my hand when I scratch his cheeks.  He is a color mutation of the normal green cheeked conure.  If you are looking for a parrot with a sweet temperament that loves to cuddle this is the type of bird for you.  They get very attached to their owners and some even learn to talk.  They require a lot of attention and will demand it, lol. My normal green cheek is talking and whistling now, he has a small squeaky voice.  He has been taking up some of my free time, but I love it.

The pied baby parrotlet is doing well.  I am planning to pull him from the nest the end of this week.  It looks to be a pied, but I cannot see any pin feathers yet (he is still a pink rubber ball), but his nails look clear.

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