Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everybody's Birdmart in Pomona

Today I went to the birdmart in Pomona!  The show just keeps getting smaller and smaller.  There were some parrotlets there, but they looked small and so many people seemed to be putting blues with blues, yellow with yellow, white with yellow, white with blue etc. and that is a major no no if you want strong healthy birds!  It was sad to see some of the breeders practically giving away the plain green parrotlets that were too wild to be pets.  The problem is they don't keep proper records of their bird's genetics so they don't realize that some of these "plain green" birds could actually be split to blue, yellow, double split, or fallow, etc.  That would make them very valuable to breeders who are conscientious and breed the correct way.  It is so easy to keep records of the birds and banding is a must if you want to have solid records of which bird is which.  This means they most probably also breed brothers & sisters, or other related birds together! Ugh! 

It was a nice day at the bird show.  I met a lot of nice people, saw some old friends and the weather was even more beautiful in Pomona than I had hoped for.  I got lots of toys and things for the parrotlets to shred!  I also picked up my favorite egg food for the breeders "Silver Song Breeders Choice" .  My parrotlets love it!

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