Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Beautiful Turquoise Parrotlet Boys

Here are some great photos of my sweet boys, Sidney a turquoise pastel (dilute), and Fletcher, a turquoise.  They are so cute.  The camera just doesn't do justice to Sidney's rainbow of colors.

Fletcher - Beautiful Turquoise Male

I think Fletcher may be a lucida male as the blue eye streaks wrap around his head and he has a very deep violet cobalt rump.

 Sidney is a good boy and loves me.  Fletcher tends to be very shy.  I am not sure why since I hand fed him from a very young baby and he got lots of loves and attention.

Even though Fletcher is shy (see him hiding under Sidney?), He is still a very sweet bird.  Doesn't bite, he is just a bit skittish.

Pee-A-Boo Boys!

Gorgeous Sidney!  I wish the camera could really capture his true colors!

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