Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sad news!

I am sad to report that Chico, my long time parrotlet buddy and first parrotlet pet ever has passed away.  He was about 9 1/2 - 10 years old.  he was such a sweet boy and taught all of my other parrotlets how to talk.  he was not sick.  I think he just passed away from old age.  He was tired and acting funny the night before Easter.  He was eating and had food in his crop.  His droppings were normal as was his weight.  I played with him a bit and cuddled him. 
I knew in my heart I was losing him and he would go soon.  On Easter he passed away.  I will always remember his funny personality and I will miss him terribly!


  1. Oh, that is sad news. I know how you feel, we lost our 10-year-old cockatiel this weekend. Did the same thing. I love Chico's message though :)

  2. Thanks Kelly,♥
    He was such a good boy. he was feisty but sweet. That is the bad thing about having pets.

  3. God gives them to us for a short time and then he takes them back home so that we have a place for another little one to come into our lives. Chico is in good hands Gina even though I know you will miss him. The angels are enjoying his company. xxxooo