Monday, February 28, 2011

Babies Are Hatching!

Good News!
I just had 1 new baby hatch on Feb. 27th! 
This is from a very unusual green pied male - He has a completely yellow head and green body so he looks a bit like a tiny double yellow hear amazon!  I am not sure if he has any splits. His mate is a green pied female that has double leg bands so I am not sure what splits she carries, but I am guessing the the original breeder put two closed leg bands on her to designate some split or another.
The male is a bit older.  They only had 1 fertile egg of the 5 they laid.  I will pull this baby for hand feeding when he is two weeks old at which time he will be closed banded with one of my bands carrying the initials GCB, 11, and # on it. My leg bands this year will be black with white lettering.

I also currently have 1 blue pied male & green/blue pied female sitting on fertile eggs.
I have 1 spectacled pair of parrotlets going in and out of the nest box as well as some other pied pairs of parrotlets!  Check back to see if any new babies are posted and available for deposit!

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