Saturday, January 29, 2011

Babies Currently Available

The following babies are from the same clutch. All of the babies from this clutch are very calm and sweet.
Father - Heavy Blue Pied male
Mother - Green Pied split blue female

Baby #1 - $120.00 SOLD - His new name is Buster and he has a great new home.
Blue Pied Male
Hatch date: 11/04/10
Super sweet - very curious, lays on his back, will probably be a good talker.
Markings are very light for a pied.  He has clear nails, white spots on the back of his head, white spots under his wings near his rump and some small white patches very low on his belly.

Baby #2 -  $150.00 SOLD
Blue Pied Male
Hatch date: 11/06/10
The most striking color patterns of all the babies in this clutch he looks a lot like his father.  Very nice even pattern marking through out.  He is a bit shyer than his older blue pied brother.

Baby #3 - $130.00 SOLD
Green Pied Male 
Hatch date: 11/07/10
He is such a cutie!  Gorgeous coloring, has  very similar marking to his older brother, and I love his yellow "bib" under his neck.   Adorable!

Baby #4 - $95.00 SOLD - Her new name is Lola, and she went to a great home wheere she has a green male parrotlet friend to live with!
Green (split blue) Female 
Hatch date: 11/08/10
This little princess is a cuddle bug and so sweet.  She is the shyest of the clutch.  A total sweetheart!

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